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5 Print Marketing Materials We Create For Our Listings

Print marketing remains effective and necessary for marketing real estate for several compelling reasons, even in the digital age. Print marketing continues to be a valuable component of real estate marketing strategies, offering unique advantages in terms of tangibility, personalization, local visibility and direct communication with our area. While digital marketing plays a crucial role, a well-balanced marketing approach often includes both online and offline tactics to effectively reach and engage with buyers across the state. Here are the top 5 print marketing materials the Fitzpatrick Team RE/MAX creates for our listings.

Listing Magazines: The listing magazine combines visual appeal, in-depth content, and ultimately helps to strengthen the brand and lifestyle of a specific listing. The listing magazine allows the buyer to learn more about the property, even after their visit.

Neighborhood Mailers: While direct mailers have numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider your target audience and objectives when incorporating them into your marketing strategy. Depending on the property’s price point, our neighborhood mailers are targeted towards affluent homeowners that may consider purchasing your listing.

Door Knockers: It’s important to note that door knocking can be time-intensive, however, it’s a great way to introduce your listing to the neighbors and local area. The Fitzpatrick Team will doorknock with every new listing, inviting neighbors to the open house, and invite them to be part of the conversation.

Just Listed Postcards: For every listing, the Fitzpatrick Team will mail out “Just Listed” postcards to a specific radius around the property and they are designed to generate interest and attract potential buyers to the newly listed property. 

Just Sold Postcards: Lastly, and this is more to benefit the agent, a “Just Sold” postcard is mailed out to the local neighborhood. These postcards not only celebrate a successful transaction but also serve as a marketing tool to attract new clients, demonstrate the agent’s capabilities, and also the current market pricing in the area.

If you or anyone you know is looking to sell their home in the Rhode Island area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Fitzpatrick Team RE/MAX, anytime, 401-848-7827.

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