Fitzpatrick Team Re/Max

10 Week Strength Training Program with Dr. Liz from NPT Healthworks

Today wrapped up our 10 week strength training session with Dr. Liz from NPT Healthworks and we couldn’t be happier! “Dr. Liz helped our group with specific strengthening exercises to help us prevent injuries for our runs around town. The workouts were a great balance of strength training and cardio while keeping things fresh and fun. If you’re looking to help prevent or reduce injuries from running, I highly recommend working with Dr. Liz!”

“What started out as a knee rehabilitation turned into fun, fresh and tough 10 week workout session with Dr. Liz. I didn’t miss one morning and loved every minute of it. Felt refreshed, full of energy and ready for work after each workout.” – Joseph Fitzpatrick

“Tuesday mornings became my new favorite outdoor routine. I really enjoyed how Liz focused on strength training that would improve my running! After our 10 weeks of training, I feel super strong and energized! – Marial Maher


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