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What is #CleanItUpJoe?

The #CleanItUpJoe campaign started during an early morning summer run through the town of Newport, RI, and Joseph Fitzpatrick was overwhelmed by the amount of trash he saw on the streets of the city, especially by the surrounding trash bins. The trash bins were overflowing onto the streets! With a simple Facebook post, Joe shared his concerns and was able to raise enough funds to help the city of Newport tackle this issue. The rest is history.




The Adopt a Barrel Program was implemented by the city of Newport and offers the ability to have a barrel installed (usually in front of your business). The business owner takes responsibility for emptying and maintaining the barrel. If you are interested in adopting your own barrel and want to make a difference, you can reach out to me or visit the cities website for more info. Two more barrels have been adopted, both located on Broadway. One is at the bottom of Everett St. and the other is at the bottom of Calvert St. Those barrels are emptied every week and remain clean.


The #CleanItUpJoe team has continued to power-wash every garbage and recycling barrel in Newport, and this will be repeated quarterly.

Community Action

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The Post That Changed Everything!

"One Newport resident is fed up with piles of trash littering the city — a tourism destination that caters to hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Joseph Fitzpatrick, who is a local realtor, finally had enough with excessive trash in the city not being picked up. He posted a photo to social media asking businesses to kick in money to address the issue. "


Do You Need To Report An Issue?

We have established an on-call clean-up crew from  Sparks Property Maintenance to respond to texts and posts from the public regarding overflowing trash seven days a week.

There are a few ways patrons can report overflowing trash:

Text me directly any time at (401) 835-2045

Send a picture to the Fitzpatrick Team Instagram @fitzpatrickteam

The trash is then picked up and brought to a dumpster on Halsey Ave donated by Sean Napolitano from A1 Roofing and Construction.