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3 Closings in 5 Days & I Couldn’t Attend a Single One

March 31st, April 1st, April 3rd. What do these dates have in common, you ask? They’re the days I closed on three fantastic homes in Newport! 28 Kay Street, 23 Stockholm Street and 44 Sheffield Avenue. The best part is seeing happy sellers and buyers around the closing table. I always enjoy celebrating with them, but Rhode Island Realtors are currently not allowed to attend closings – and for the right reasons. It’s like planning a big party & you’re not allowed to attend.

From the day a seller puts their property under contract or a buyer gets an accepted offer, there’s one date they start to plan for, the closing date. It’s an exciting date to prepare for and it’s filled with lots of activities like sharing the news with family & friends, coordinating movers, and hunting down boxes.

Prior to Covid-19, a typical closing day involved meeting with buyers & sellers before walking into the attorney’s office. Standard procedures for sellers included helping them get their property ready for a final walk through. For buyers, we’d walk through the property with them to make sure it’s in the exact shape they want it to be in before taking ownership. No matter which side I would represent, I would be right there with my clients as a coach, cheerleader & professional advisor.


Lately, “typical closing day” procedures & routines have changed drastically. We are still meeting clients for final walk through & making sure the attorneys have everything they need in advance. I usually will arrive early to properties – however, it is necessary to arrive even earlier now to make sure doors are open, any sanitizing is needed and all parties are maintaining 6 feet of distance the entire time. It’s been up to us to make sure our clients are prepared to make the voyage to the closing table on their own. When closing day comes, I now say “congratulations” from a safe social distance, like the parking lot or my car instead of at the closing table. It’s certainly been an adjustment to all involved, but it’s an important one.

Everyone involved in closings have had to adapt, but the goal remains the same; help our clients with a seamless transaction. We’ve been there to guide them from the start and be there with them until the end. Thank you to all of our clients who purchased this week and cheers to your new chapter!


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