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How A Career in Real Estate is Conducive for Creatives

I grew up in a creative family. My father was a builder, woodworker, songwriter and guitar player. My mom was an artist, entrepreneur and photographer. She gave me my first camera in high school & I would take photos of the horses on our farm. I can go on and on about the evolution of my creative self, but I’ll save that for another day. The reason I’m here now — is that I’ve had a handful of people reach out via social media asking about my career real estate — how I am adapting to it, is it fun, etc? This sparked the thought of sharing a more in-depth article How Real Estate Is Conducive for Creatives:


There are thousands of real estate agents in Rhode Island which results in competition across the marketplace. Many agencies like RE/MAX, Century 21, and Keller Williams will provide agent with in-house marketing platforms to generate marketing materials. These are extremely useful for agents who don’t have the resources to generate their own marketing & it also helps maintain continuity with the universal brand. But as a creative, you will be able to create your own marketing that cuts through the noise of redundancy (while maintaining the brand standard your agency requires). As a photographer, I like to take all my own photographs of my listings, interiors, and lifestyle — or I will hire some of my favorite photographer friends to photograph me in the workplace. Lastly, I design my own graphics in order to portray my sense of style & personal brand. The tools I use the most for my own marketing — Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva & Inshot.


Your sphere of influence (SOI) is going to be the first group of people you tap into when you get your real estate license. Your SOI are the people you are most connected too: family, friends, school mates, social media & other creatives. These are the people that know you the best and most likely speak your ‘language’. This is ‘your tribe’. In my real estate experience, I feel most comfortable working with like-minded individuals. The communication seems to flow organically, ideas flourish and business is executed while all seeing eye-to-eye. Don’t get me wrong — I will work with anyone but naturally, in all forms of business — success happens when like minded individuals connect. To start managing your SOI, invest in a Costumer Relationship Management (CRM) program. The Fitzpatrick Team uses Follow Up Boss.


Cold calling (prospecting) is something I am not comfortable with (and I know I am not alone on this). I am still trying to navigate my way around why I dislike it so much, but I know it’s very important for the success of my real estate career. To be pro-active, I challenged myself with “how can I creatively reach out to my SOI & new customers that I am comfortable with” — “How can I thoughtfully communicate with new customers?”  I have realized that most of my leads have been generated through social media, so I gravitate towards Instagram & Facebook for prospecting. A few creative tips: I find that creating personalized videos work well for me. They are fun, engaging & capture the response I am seeking. You can send these videos via Instagram Story. If video is beyond your scope, enticing graphics that sell your service work great too!


I have always focused my creative energy around photography & graphic design — but since I have joined the real estate community, I have found a respect for architecture, interior design & quality woodwork. Appreciating these forms of art will keep things exciting for you. For example, when you are working with buyers — you will have the opportunity to tour many beautiful homes across Rhode Island. Take photos of the details that strike your interest and use them in your own marketing (I recommend always asking for permission from the listing agent or seller first). When you openly share (online) design elements that excite you — you will attract like-minded customers (which I mentioned above!). Lastly, if you stay on top of interior design trends — you will become an asset to your seller clients. Provide them with paint colors that appeal to buyers, etc. I recommend starting a Pinterest account for all the latest trends.


Okay, this might be my favorite reason why Real Estate is Conducive to Creatives. As your business grows, you will notice an increase in your income. It is your own prerogative on how you want to spend your money. In my own experience, investing it into your personal growth is always best. 

INVEST BACK INTO YOUR CREATIVE MARKETING: For every commission check I receive from my real estate business, I take a small percentage in invest into my own marketing, whether it’s social media advertising spend, hiring a photographer or purchasing an expensive app for the year. Do this. It works!

INVEST IN OTHER CREATIVE PROJECTS: Staying involved in my career as a photographer is extremely important to me. It’s my creative outlet, my form of expression and a deep longterm passion of mine. Periodically, I utilize my extra income to upgrade my camera, purchase new lenses and pay for my portfolio website. This makes me very happy!

INVEST IN REAL ESTATE: I have started to focus on my long term wealth & real estate is a conduit for that success. I took a trip to BankNewport and opened a Goal Saver Account is perfect for any savings goal and allows you to make regular deposits throughout the year and receive a lump sum distribution on the date of your choice. I have been feeding this account once a month in order to save for my first investment property. I would love to purchase a multi-family in 2021. #GOALS


To close this out — the Fitzpatrick Team is looking for a rental & showing agent. Contact me directly if you are looking for a change in careers. If you are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate — you know where to find me 🙂

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