Fitzpatrick Team Re/Max

Joseph Fitzpatrick Leading A Team To Success in 2021

The Fitzpatrick Team is made up of many individuals that collectively combine to come together as the island’s top real estate team . I lead the team and Justine is our COO. We have six full time agents, three marketing persons and two admin staff all working hard to give the client the best real estate experience possible.

The best thing about leading this team, in addition to insisting on a very high level of moral behavior and standards, is watching as the agents learn and incorporate the systems and strategies that Justine and I have outlined as the keys to their success. It is tremendously rewarding to see an agent meet and exceed their goals as a result of not just hard work, that is a given, but deliberate and productive hard work. We provide them with accountability, teach them some very basic fundamental skills, encourage them to focus on income producing activities and learn how to best eliminate the noise and distractions. This is the formula to success and it’s just awesome to witness the change in both their professional and private lives as a result.

I quite often get the opportunity to feel extremely grateful. I am grateful for the individuals that make up our wonderful team. I am grateful for the very real, very close friendships that I have developed with each and every member. I am talking lifelong relationships. I sincerely hope every member of the team remains with us until we are all old and ready to retire but if that doesn’t happen I can take solace in the fact that our friendships will survive in perpetuity. I really believe that.


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