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The #CleanItUpJoe Mission is a Litter Free Newport

The #CleanItUpJoe missions is a LITTER FREE NEWPORT! There is still much to do but I wanted to share an update on what we have achieved since that Facebook post in late July 2020.

We have a clean-up crew from Sparks Property Maintenance on call seven days a week to respond to texts and posts from the public regarding overflowing trash. As a reminder you can text me any time at (401) 835-2045 or snap a picture and send to the Fitzpatrick Team Instagram account and tag the photo #CleanItUpJoe. The trash is then picked up and brought to a dumpster on Halsey Ave donated by Sean Napolitano.


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We have teamed up with Clean Ocean Access, to further establish their Adopt a Block Program. We donate $100 to COA for every family or small group that ‘Adopts a Block’. We are encouraging families or small groups to adopt the block they currently live on but you don’t need to live on that block or even live in Newport to participate.

We purchased a 4×4 portable water tank and power washer to clean every garbage and recycle barrel in Newport. In accordance with City rules we can only work Mon-Friday 6-8am so this takes almost a full week to complete. This will be repeated quarterly so they never get this bad again.

The adopt a barrel program is where a business in Newport can adopt a barrel. We will have a barrel installed in front of your business and the business owner takes responsibility for emptying and maintaining the barrel. I believe we only have had 4 businesses enrolled so far but would absolutely love it if we could get 10 businesses by Spring 2021, it will make a huge difference. Click on the link for more info.

I also wanted to mention we have committed to donating to the Woodsy Owl campaign. This includes plans to purchase a new Owl suit for events, purchasing a banner featuring Woodsy and to offset the cost of plane flying time that will fly banner over beaches and parks during busy times.

OK well that is a lot to digest. I hope you consider participating in one of our programs and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Kind Regards,

Joseph Fitzpatrick

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