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Live Well with New England Grass Fed

If you are not familiar with the Fitzpatrick Team’s motto of, Live Well, now’s the time to join the journey. Live Well is all about mind, body, and community. It’s about taking care of your family, friends, but also yourself. You’ve seen our running club in the early morning hours, you’ve participated in our charitable events…but now it’s time to start paying attention to what you are eating.

The Fitzpatrick Team met with Patrick “Martin” Beck, the owner of New England Grass Fed to discuss the health & environmental benefits of eating local 100% grass-fed beef. His product is high in B vitamins and healthy Omega-3 fats. His cows graze for 2-3 years with no growth hormones or antibiotics, ever. He is a firm believer in sustainability. “We care deeply about our animals and provide them with a long stress-free life rotationally grazing on 55 acres of lush coastal pasture at our Cloverbud Ranch property in Portsmouth, RI.”

To celebrate our latest discovery, the Fitzpatrick Team will be adding $100 NEGF Giftcards to 20 of our client closing packages! If you are looking to purchase some of their products today, you can visit their online shop here. We highly recommend their Typical Pasture Pack.

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