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Rhode Island’s Halloween Guidelines

Spooky Season in Rhode Island

Ramondo and the health department have strongly recommended that all families + friends stay home during Halloween to not open up more cases of COVID in R.I. They understand that’s not going to happen for everyone, so below are some halloween safe guidelines to stick to while out and about.

Trick or Treating 101

The best way to not spread COVID is of course stay home to only celebrate with people you live with and do NOT hand out candy and make your house a ” no stop zone” for kids. BUT, if you’re feeling like the rest of us and want to get out and walk around it’s best to Trick or Treat before dark so you can keep a safe distance from other people. Please do the 3 – W’s! WEAR a mask – with at least two layers of coverage over your mouth without any gaps. WASH your hands – often with soap and water + carry hand sanitizer. WATCH your distance and stay 6 feet apart! If you’re a neighborhood home providing candy – make grab and go individual wrapped goodie bags and line up 6’ apart from your door for kids to take.

Party COVID style

Are you thinking of attending a Halloween party? Of course, stay home if you’re sick or feeling any symptoms of COVID to prevent others from getting sick.  Once you’re cleared to go make sure you grab your mask and it’s correctly on your face (covering mouth + nose) without any gaps on the side. Don’t leave the house without hand sanitizer and maybe your own drinks and snacks to limit food handling. Once you arrive at the party household make sure there are 15 people of less and keep a solid 6’ distance between you and other guests!

Hosting a Halloween Party? First things first – Ramondo strongly suggests to not throw any gatherings larger than 15 people. If you’re caught by police you will be fined up to $500 per person (wowza). Now that you have you been warned and still want to have a little something with your friends, call to make sure anyone attending isn’t sick or have any symptoms of COVID. Everyone that arrives to your house ensure you’re maintaining the guest list to keep track of who was there. If the weather cooperates try to keep your party outside so there is more air flowing. All parties should be wearing a mask that is correctly covering their nose and mouth without gaps on the side. Make hand sanitizer accessible throughout house and encourage your friends to wash hands often. Place markers on ground showing 6′ distance to keep everyone spaced out appropriately. It’s best to make food and drinks easily grab-able for one use. Make appetizers spaced out and use single use toothpicks to have less contact with utensils being shared with multiple people. The less food handling, the more safe everyone will feel at your party!

Local to Newport, RI?

Friday – Hallow’s Eve The Breakers is hosting a Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  This event is family friendly, so come in costume with your decorated face mask and walk through the big house and look for items + receive treats from costumes staff members. Tickets are $5 per person and must be purchased in advance at

On Halloween, Newport Recreation is hosting a drive thru Spooktacular at Easton’s Beach Freon from 1 – 3pm. This event is family friendly and your kids will love trick or treating while staying in their car for safety. It is encouraged to still wear your mask while seated in the car as the costumed staff will also be covering their faces while passing out candy to your vehicle. Purchase your $5 tickets in advance because you will not be able to pay at the beach.







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