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Why Professional Marketing is a MUST in Today’s Real Estate Market

We live in a digital world. The advent of Covid-19 has accelerated this progression by shifting an even larger portion of our daily lives in front of a screen. With potential buyers spending more time online looking at available listings, it is more important than ever to ensure that your property is marketed professionally by a qualified Realtor. One of the biggest trends that we saw in 2020 was a massive migration out of metropolitan areas. Many professionals who were working and living in congested cities decided to move away once they heard that they would be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Why would anyone want to pay premium rent for an 850 square foot apartment in Boston when you could move to a less-crowded community that is accessible to the city and pay a mortgage for the same price?

Where were all of these buyers looking for homes during this transitional period? Online. Good marketing, even in this quick-paced seller’s market, will bring an owner higher prices and help you sell your property much faster than a listing that is poorly showcased to the public. More than 90% of homebuyers today begin their search online from the comfort of their own home. Without good photos right off the bat, your property could be easily ignored or skipped over in favor of others. Simply put, professional marketing will help sell your property quicker, for more money and will give your listing the publicity that it deserves.

Some properties, especially if they are near the water, in the heart of a downtown area, adjacent to a park or situated upon significant acreage, call for drone photography in order to highlight these key locations. Aerial views allow buyers to see more than just the interior and exterior of the home, it also gives them access to see the benefits of buying this particular property because of its proximity to desirable amenities. Video tours are just as important as floor plans these days. Many buyers (especially those who live out of state) want to know what the interior of the home looks like from more than simply a still photograph; How do the rooms flow? Will my furniture fit? Where can I see myself spending most of my time? What’s the best space for entertaining guests? These are all questions that cannot necessarily be answered by pictures alone. Videography, Matterport and other virtual tour software are all valuable resources to buyers who want to tour the house but cannot necessarily be there in person.

Even in today’s market, professional marketing is not a perk, it is essential. Sellers should expect their property be advertised as efficiently as possible with the best technology possible. Plenty of agents offer the same marketing tools to prospective sellers. What separates the Fitzpatrick Team from all others is the competitive advantage that we offer our sellers. Our team has developed the Listing Leverage strategy to guarantee that our sellers have the best available platforms to ensure that their property gets in front as many buyers as possible. Our diverse toolkit paired with years of marketing experience and in-house professional expertise is the modern way to sell your home in today’s digital atmosphere. Elite, engaged advertising will garner exceptional exposure for your home. Anything less is doing your property a disservice when it’s time to sell.

To find out more about the opportunities that the Fitzpatrick Team offers to our clients and how I can help you sell your home for more money in less time, please feel free to contact me directly at 401-241-1851 or

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